I’ve always been a fan of skincare and cosmetics from Asia from places that sell these products near me such as Face Shop! Unfortunately, having only one store carry the products can be a little boring when I’m always eager to try out new products from different brands. That’s when I came across Chuusi, a online based company that has a wide variety of new and trending products in the market today. Chuusi is based in Vancouver, Canada which is great for all the Canadians and Americans out there that are looking to shop online for beauty products at the convenience from their own home! Below I put together a review of some of the goodies I received from Chuusi, click their link attached to this post if your interested in seeing all the other amazing products they carry, enjoy!

B.B. Nature Republic Super Origin Collagen B.B Cream (SPF 25)

Okay so I’m naturally really pale like Caspar the friendly ghost, especially in the winter lol! I use BB Cream in my daily make up routine because I love how light it feels on my skin and it provides me with the right amount of coverage I need. Great build-able product for light to medium skin tones with anti wrinkle properties in the formula! This colour from the Super Origin BB Cream is the perfect shade for all the people out their pale like me that need to add a bit of colour and glow to their faces. I definitely don’t look as dead when I have this on in the morning πŸ™‚

Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum (Hydrate & Moist Essence)
I use this refreshing serum after I’ve cleansed my face and have applied toner. It absorbs into my skin fairly quickly after application. I also like using this serum combined with the BB Cream mentioned above to give my face an extra dose of hydration which I do feel like I need at times especially during the Winter!

Etude House Bright Eyes Patch

This is a 30 minute under eye patch that helps to brighten, moisturize, and provide healthy skin around the under eye area. This was actually my first time using a eye patch treatment! I would definitely use one of these products again as after using the patch I felt my under eye skin to be much more, how can i say this… like radiant and youthful looking! The feeling of the patches under your eye is actually really soothing and refreshing which is a plus.

Etude House Darling Hydro Mask
This mask is suppose to boost your skins hydrating power from the Snail Mucin extract within their ingredients to help moisturize and firm your skin! Super unique mask which I had the pleasure to try πŸ™‚ When you take the mask out of the package, you’ll find two parts to it instead of just one whole sheet you usually find in face masks. Instead, this mask is divided into a top part for your forehead and nose area and a bottom part for your lip and chin area. I actually really like this feature a lot better compared to the one sheet because I find it’s less annoying and irritating to have on your face.