Skincare and Hair

Bentonite Clay Mask -My skin hasn’t been looking its best due to my pre exam stress which is causing my skin to break out from lack of sleep. What I have been using weekly is this Lovely Co Bentonite Clay Mask that has cleared up my skin so much. The mask is made from aged volcanic ash and activated charcoal to help absorb impurities and to heal blemishes. It mentioned on their website that this product is suited for oily and blemished skin types which is true in my point of view from my experience using this product! I use this mask once a week, or when I feel like my skin needs a deep cleanse, which I then follow up with their moisturizing facial toner.

Organic Deodorant -So I decided to try out organic deodorant since I have heard a lot of people talking about switching over to these products. I went with the Primal Pit Paste Lavender Deodorant which is made with all natural ingredients. I was initially skeptical of how the product would actually work but as a first time user of organic deodorant, I’m really impressed. It comes in a solid but as you rub it on it smooths out really easily. It works just as well as a drug store brand, but the ingredients included in this product are far more beneficial. I love the fresh scent of this paste and I also tested it out wearing black clothing and I got no stains, so I would definitely use this product again!

Beach Hair Spray – Yes I know its winter, but beachy waves can be worn every season! I love the beachy hair look and its impossible for me to get without a sea salt spray to help texturize and define for styling. What I have been using is the Brooklyn Beach Spray in the winter scent. I personally like using this spray on damp hair which I then braid to sleep in. I use this spray two times; once through out my hair before braiding, and once again after the braids are in place.


Hooded Cape -Winter fashion is literally all about layering. I like stacking on the layers before stepping outside into the cold to make sure I`m nice and warm when I`m out heading anywhere. One piece I’ve constantly been wearing is this Hooded Cape from Wicked Sugar Fashion. It acts like a poncho, scarf, and blanket, all in one which has been a savour for me when my layers aren’t enough to keep me warm. It’s also super cute to wear on top of almost anything!

Stone Necklace -A accessory I have been really loving is the Dagger and Stone necklace from Caviar Noir Jewelry. First off, it is extremely well made. It is not the kind of material that would rust after wearing it once or twice or change colours after a period of time. The design of the necklace is so beautiful and adds a bit of edge to my outfits which really suits my style.

Fringe Bag – In the photo above, I am styling this Punkahontas Fringe Bag from Deborah Adams which can be used in more then one way! It has straps that can be carried like a mini school bag, a adjustable clasp so you can wear it as a side body purse, or it can even be worn as a wrap around your wrist hand bag. I love this bag so much. It’s small and cute to fit a couple things when your out but it doesn’t restrict you from only holding it one way. The fringe detailing makes it a really fun accessory, which is perfect for styling up your holiday outfits!


Tea Tank – If your a big fan of drinking tea, I would highly recommend getting yourself a Tea Tank. I have been looking for a product that I could carry my tea around with me that is simple to use, made with good quality material that doesn’t cause leakage, and can obviously do its job in keeping my tea warm. I have been using this Tea Tank every morning and it is most definitely a product I would splurge on again. It keeps my tea warm for a long period of time, which really depends on how often you open the lid, but generally you’ll be guaranteed warm tea with it! I also love how it acts like a heat pack while I’m outside during the cold winter mornings.

Six Depot Tea – Two winter teas that I have been pairing with my Tea Tank is the Genmaicha Green Tea and the Russian Caravan Tea from Six Depot. The Genmaicha Tea is originated from Japan which is made from roasted rice and popped corn that gives a very fresh and earthy taste. If your a fan of green tea, you would really enjoy this authentic blend. The Russian Caravan on the other hand is a rich black tea. Made from a traditional blend that serves as a really nice treat after dinner.

So there it is, my winter favourites featuring all around great products for this up coming Winter season. Hope this post helped shed some inspiration on new styles and ideas on new products to try! Comment below what your winter favourites are šŸ™‚