SeaLuxe Review

Oh my goooooooooooodness. So let me tell you a little story of how mother nature decided to surprise me with a little something something this month if you know what I’m saying, during Exam Season the most stressful time of the year :,) Just exactly what I needed to deal with right now (sarcasm intended). Well enough with the bitter talk, because today I got delivered my package from my guardian angel SeaLuxe that just so happened to know what I needed to get through this.

SeaLuxe is a skincare company based in BC that focuses on producing the cleanest and healthiest beauty products for your skin while practicing being a ethically Made in Canada company. Through nutritious skin rituals, SeaLuxe enables their products to create the ability to preserve and heal your skin through their pure and rich ingredients.

Now doesn’t that just sound amazing? I love all these components they bring fourth as a company. Not only do they have healthy company practices shown through their creation of their products but I’m also in love with their whole gypsy goddess mermaid vibe that comes along with it! SeaLuxe also has super pretty packaging for all you majestic babes out there that want beautiful products to use 🙂 Let’s get started on my review!

Activated Charcoal Bar and Goddess Grains

☀The Activated Charcoal Bar is made of shea butter to help with acne control and to minimize the appearance of your pores. Once the bar is activated with water, it comes off into a form consistency for a gentle deep cleanse. The charcoal helps to absorb excess oil and to leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. I like using this bar either in the morning or during my shower. If your a morning shower kinda person or your lazy (like me) this would be the perfect face cleanser for you as it is easily activated by water and you can bang out a face wash real quick!

☪Who wants some Goddess grains for their Goddess face? uh yeah ME please! The Goddess Grains Face Cleanser works as a mild exfoliator to deep clean your pores, eliminate black heads, prevent acne, and to remove make up. You know how some products are harsh on your skin that end up turning your face really red? Well this delicate cleanser won’t do that to your skin which is what I really love about it. I use this product during my night time routine before I sleep. Special thanks to Tanya from Team SeaLuxe for this recommendation!

Feeling Groovy Aromatherapy Bath Tea

The Feeling Groovy Bath Tea is made with 100% natural and organic flowers, herbs, sea salt, and essential oils to help give you a spa-like experience at home. The Aromatic Blend works to calm your body, mind, and spirit from the lovely scented floral and citrus scent it creates (omg smells amazing)! This natural bath tea also really helps to ease tense muscles which is perfect for a relaxing bath to take when your stressed during that PMS. So thankful for this product, I don’t remember the last time I had such a awesome bath, and it really brought up my mood! Sometimes all you need is just a bath to wash all your worry’s and stress away.

Black Clay Mask

So my skin hasn’t been looking it’s best, from period symptoms like maybe eating everything that’s insight that includes carbs, cheese, chocolate, and basically anything that’s terrible for my skin cause my cravings are out of control. Although what you consume plays a huge factor on your skin, I still try to do what I can to have my skin feeling as fresh and clean as it can possibly be. The SeaLuxe Black Clay Mask works really well to draw out toxins and impurities. This is a dry mask that allows you to use it as a face scrub or a leave on mask! I love the fact that it’s sorta like a two in one combo and that is easily build-able on how you want your mask to turn out. What I like doing is applying the mask as a face scrub by massaging it into my face which I then leave it on as a face mask.

And there it is! My full review on the one and only SeaLuxe. Shout out to all the 1/2 Hippy & 1/2 Beauty Goddesses out there! Sealuxe created the perfect skincare products for our kinda breed ❤. I know I also have some male readers up in here, and you know what? This post actually works as a perfect guide on what to get your girlfriends on their period so don’t skip out on this post, you’ll thank me later! They make our “time of the month” not as bad as it would be. Hope you enjoyed my review bebs!!