Last minute DIY ugly sweater for anyone that needs to make one of these bad boys for their ugly sweater parties! I did this one under 20 minutes and if you follow these steps you’ll be guaranteed rolling up to your party like a real G.

What you’ll need:

1) Ugly Sweater – You can find one at a Value Village or Thrift Store. I got mine from my Dad he had plenty to spare haha!
2) Letter Stickers – I bought Gold Sparkle Letter Stickers at Nordstrom but you can definitely find some at any retailing store or you could even make some if you don’t feel like buying any.
3) Green Velvet (for the tree cut out)
4) Paper Star
5) Beads (to decorate the tree)
6) Christmas ornaments
7) Hot Glue Gun

All of these things you need can easily be substituted for anything you have in your house for a quick fix so don’t feel obligated to use what I used! Be creative, it’s a ugly sweater there’s no rules 🙂

Step 1) Cut out your letters to what you want it to say. Since they didn’t have all the letters I needed, I bought extras so I could recreate letters I needed.

Step 2) Once you’ve got your words on your sweater. Draw out the Christmas Tree cut out on the green velvet. Cut that out and glue on the tree and the star on your sweater.

Step 3) Next cut out your beads or anything you want to decorate your tree with and hot glue gun that on your sweater.

Step 4) Using the left over glitter letters, I’m cutting them up into strands so that I can use that as a glow for the star on the tree.

Step 5) Last step is to hang your ornaments on your sweater anywhere you want!

And there you have it! Literally the easiest DIY ugly sweater ever and it’s kinda cute too :). Hope everyone has a Lit Xmas!!