I worked for Flor De Cana Rum for a 3 day event where I got to learn how to make some really good drink mixes I wanted to share with you guys. If your bored of your “go to” drink and looking to try something new for the New Year, keep reading!

Flor De Cana is Latin Americas number one selling Rum originated from Nicaragua. What’s unique about this rum is that it’s family owned where they grow their ingredients from their local landscapes. For example, their sugar canes are grown in fields near Latin Americas famous volcano. They have been in the market for over 20 years and you can pick up one of their bottles for around $30-50 (depending on the age) at LCBO. For the recipes below I’m using the 7 year old Flor De Cana.

Recipe 1: Flor De Cana X Special Juice

This is a cocktail style drink from Flor De Cana paired with Latin Americas national fruit juice. My recipe for this drink is how I personally would make it but you can always substitute for other juices and mixes depending on your taste preference!

1) Flor De Cana
2) Lemon Juice
3) Guava Juice
4) Orange Juice
5) Ice

Steps: 1-2 shots of Flor De Cana, Ice, One squirt of the Lemon Juice, 2/4 Orange Juice, 1/4 Guava Juice

Recipe 2: Flor De Cana X Ginger Beer

For the ones that aren’t a huge fan of sweet drinks, and your more of a rye and ginger kinda person, this one may be the perfect one for you. My sister doesn’t like sweet drinks so she didn’t really like the cocktail style one but she really liked this recipe with the Ginger Beer. Ginger Beer is like a spicier version of Ginger Ale with more flavor that goes really well with the rum.

1) Flor De Cana
2) Ginger Beer
3) Ice

Steps: 1-2 shots of Flor De Cana, Ice, 2/3 Ginger Beer

Recipe 3: On the Rocks

And lastly, for the real troopers out there that like it straight here it is!

1) Flor De Cana
2) Ice (optional)
3) Garnish of Orange Zest

Steps: Shot of Flor de Cana, Ice, Top it off with Orange Zest to add some flavor