Here are a couple things I packed with me on my mini weekend trip down to Montreal. All these items are all travel sized so their perfect to bring along while traveling, cause let’s be honest, no one wants to be carrying heavy things for that back pack life. Listing items from left to right;

1) Primal Paste Deodorant -Lavender
I brought with me a sample size of the Lavender scent of the Primal Paste which is a organic, all natural deodorant that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. This kept my pits fresh even through my sweaty night out in Montreal! Check out Primal’s website to see the list of their healthy ingredients used in the making of their products.

2) Free Lion’s -Mombasa Body Cream
Perfect travel sized body and hand cream to bring with you when your out. Especially with the colder climate in Canada, this body butter helps keep your skin moisturized through the dry winter weather. My hands get so dry and gross when it starts getting cold and this product has been really helpful in repairing my skin so doesn’t get to the state where it starts cracking from the dryness.

3) Brooklyn Beach Hair -Autumn Scent
The only tool you need to bring to get that beachy wavy hair when your traveling is the Brooklyn Beach Hair Spray. I personally have pin straight hair so I like braiding my hair after a shower to sleep on to get those waves. This sea salt spray helped with volumizing and giving the waves some sort of definition which is really hard to get if you have straight hair so this definitely did the trick.

4) Ellovi -Mint Chocolate Lip Butter
Of course the number one necessity you need to bring with you everywhere, is yes, a lip balm. Loving this mint chocolate lip butter by Ellovi which helps keep my chapped lips moisturized through out the day and night. Ellovi is a brand that only uses 6 ingredients to make their products and the cool thing about Ellovi is that they are only made with ingredients that you can eat! Mmmmm mint chocolate đŸ™‚

5) Skinny & Co -Facial Oil
This is currently my all time favourite make up remover that I use almost every night. I hate using make up remover that stings my eyes when I’m trying to take off my mascara or eyeliner, it’s the most annoying thing ever. This facial oil by Skinny & Co is made from coconut oil and other natural ingredients where the formula doesn’t hurt your eyes and works so well with people that are sensitive to harsh chemicals.